5 Major Benefits of Using an Encrypted Mobile SIM

5 major benefits of using an encryptedmobile sim vipline

While technological advancements have opened a plethora of opportunities for us to connect and reconnect for business and pleasure, it has also made us more vulnerable to threats than ever before. Practically, a person’s entire life is saved in his or her smartphone in the form of pictures, password to email and bank accounts, videos, contacts, text messages, and much more. That one device if fallen into the wrong hands can determine your future. Anyone can blackmail you or sell your data to advertisers or anyone who wishes you harm. The thought of having your entire life in someone else’s hands is disturbing. Isn’t it time you start taking adequate measures to ensure your smartphone is safe and sound?

Using Encrypted Mobile Phone SIMs

Encrypted mobile SIMs offer the security and safety that no mobile phone brand or operating system does. It allows you to interact via your smartphone through encryption. This means that all your ingoing and outgoing text messages, calls, etc. are encoded. No third party can trace you or intercept your calls or messages. Usually, such SIMs work on the A5/1 algorithm, which is the highest form of encryption technology in smartphones. If you are wondering your Operating System’s encryption will protect you from identity theft and the like, then you are mistaken. Several thousand incidents have been reported just this year of identity theft through smartphone cyber-attacks. This means that the only way you can be sure that your data is secured is through an encrypted mobile SIM, since it will be your wall to keep hackers and identity thieves out of your phone.

If you are still wondering whether you should use encrypted mobile SIMs then here are a few benefits that would open your eyes…

Encrypted Calls and Messages

Encrypted mobile SIMs use A5/1 and IMEI/IMS hiding technology to ensure the data being transmitted from your phone and back to it is actually encoded. The data is scrambled and then unscrambled to ensure no one else accesses it other than the one it is intended for.

Voice Substitution Technology

Not all, some encrypted mobile services also offer voice substitution, which is highly useful to keep trackers, hackers and identity thieves at bay. The function is simple; your voice is substituted with another while any third party interception is being made, allowing you to safely and securely talk to anyone without the fear of being noticed. Even if someone is using voice recognition software to track you, voice substitution would beat it.

Location Hiding

Since smartphones are always connected to the internet, locating someone is a child’s play for hackers and identity thieves. Location hiding comes in handy in such situations. With an encrypted mobile SIM, you can be rest assured that your location will never be revealed to anyone. If someone tries to track you through your mobile signals, either false or no location will be provided.

Utmost Privacy and Convenience

Last but not the least, with an encrypted mobile SIM, your data and privacy is protected. Although there are encryption and locks provided by your mobile phone brand and operating system, they are not reliable enough. Identity thieves and hackers can easily get pass by such security measures. However, with an encrypted mobile phone SIM, this catastrophe can be avoided. You don’t have to update or downgrade or install or uninstall multiple applications to secure your privacy. One mobile phone SIM will do the trick for you.

The Conclusion…

We all know how important personal data has become since the advancement of the internet. Today, advertisers are willing to pay a fortune to get to know customers. Don’t be their victim. Use an encrypted mobile phone SIM offered by reliable companies such as VIP Line to ensure your data is safe and secure, and far away from the reach of hackers and identity thieves.