Are You Concerned About Your Smartphone Calls Being Traced?

are you concerned about your smartphone calls being traced

Are you worried that your calls are being traced? Although today’s smartphone technology has made life easier for all of us, the problem with general communications security is that calls, messages and even internet usage has become easier to trace. When you make a call, your number can easily be pinned to your location, allowing anybody in the know to find out exactly where you are. There are many reasons why you might want your phone calls to be anonymous. Perhaps you’re being traced by a jealous ex-partner, or maybe you just want to keep your location and identity as private as possible. Here’s how you can do just that.

Keep Your Number Private

Using a modern smartphone model, it’s easy to change the settings so that you can withhold your number when you make an outgoing call. However, this doesn’t offer complete privacy, and your call can still be traced by using the right software. So, even withholding your number won’t allow you to get completely off the grid. This is where VipLine comes in; providing an anonymous SIM card service that allows you to completely hide your real number when you make a call. If you are calling somebody who you want to keep your number completely private from, you can simply enter a code before making the call and a false number will be kept in their call logs, rather than your real one.

No Voice Recognition

Even if you can keep your phone number private when you make a call, the call could still be traced using voice recognition. If you are trying to hide your calls from somebody who knows you, then they may still be able to recognise your voice. Along with allowing you to make calls from an anonymous number through a private and secure channel to make tracing more difficult, VipLine servers will also instantly substitute your voice, so that it cannot be recognised as you. This can be done for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Encrypted Messages

Along with your phone calls, your text messages can also be traced to give your location and more information about you. If you send text messages using a data service such as Whatsapp, Kik, or even Facebook Messenger, these will be encrypted but only using a very simplified encryption algorithm that is not difficult to crack. If you don’t want your conversations to be compromised, then using VipLine can also help with this. By using military grade, world class A5/1 encryption algorithms with double-data encryption, your messages will be kept completely private and untraceable.

No Data Sharing

Another main benefit of signing up for VipLines anonymous, encrypted SIM card service is that unlike traditional GSM providers, the company will not take any information from you. When you sign up for a traditional smartphone contract, you must give the communications company a lot of information about yourself, such as your name, date of birth, address, and banking details. On the other hand, VipLine operates with total anonymity, meaning that you won’t even be required to hand your details over to them. Since all their SIM cards are pre-paid, there is also the additional benefit of not being signed into a contract, as you’ll be able to cancel at any time should you wish to do so.

No Billing Records

Lastly, your billing records can also get in the way of your privacy when it comes to making and receiving calls, sending text messages, using the internet, or using data messaging services. Traditional communications providers will keep all your billing records on file, where they can be used to trace your smartphone activity and find out more about your private communications. With VipLine, no billing records are held due to your SIM card being pre-pay, making it easier for you to stay off the grid and enjoy using your smartphone completely anonymously from everybody.

Complete GSM and smartphone calling security is just a click away with VipLine!