How To Ensure Your Safety When Traveling?

how to ensure your safety when traveling

Number & voice changing SIM card

While traveling for many of us is becoming more and more frequent, statistics show that only few of us are truly prepared for it. And we do not mean having a new comfortable suitcase, footwear or knowing the latest forecast update. We are talking about the security of private data. As a rule, we become most vulnerable when the things that we own are stored in one place. For example your mobile device.

Interception of the radio signal is one of the biggest threats to our privacy and when traveling, our conversations are being transfered through different public servers each time the signal is made or internet data is sent. Therefore, unencrypted information can be easily retrieved using interception techniques that can either recognize a caller‘s number, identify the voice of a speaker or trace his location. In any way, the information we own can be used against our will causing us a lot of problems and damage.

Number changing SIM card

One of the few ways you can solve these issues is to have a number changing SIM card. Don‘t want to share your mobile number to the people you call? VipLine‘s advanced encryption process helps generate a random number each time the call is made from VipLine‘s number changing SIM card.

How does it work?

With a regular SIM card all your calls are encrypted with a simplified algorithm. The VipLine‘s number changing SIM card gives extra protection to the conversations that are sent out from your phone by encoding them in A5/1 algorithm, the world-class standard. As soon as you make your phone call, the signal then reaches VipLine servers, so with the help of a number changing SIM card a regular mobile phone number is replaced and becomes impossible to decipher. The number from a number changing SIM card is encrypted through a secure USSD channel for the full control of your privacy, hence every VipLine number changing SIM card creates its own unique and safe number.

What about billing information?

Having VipLine‘s number changing SIM card, the outgoing signal is instantly intercepted and redirected to one of our secure & untraceable lines. Then, only after going through a variety of encryption systems, the call is made from a number changing SIM card to the original recipient. Using this technology, it is virtually impossible to get any billing information from the service provider.

Voice changing SIM card

Not many of us are aware that today‘s sophisticated voice recognition softwares can reveal persons ID in a split of a second. Due to increasing use and development of voice recognition applications among network providers, voice changing SIM card can be your only secure solution of keeping your identity safe.

How does it work?

If you are concerned about the emerging threat of voice identification, VipLine‘s voice changing SIM card will protect you from this by changing your phonetic characteristics. Just put the voice changing SIM card into your mobile device, turn it on and make sure it‘s connected to a mobile network. Then simply enter a special code at the beginning of conversation and speak without having to think about what you say. With VipLine‘s voice changing SIM card this feature is optional, so you can choose when to use it. This helps to gain advantage for phone calls where the issue of voice identification exists or the calls that are being made to regular SIM cards. Keep yourself always protected by using VipLine‘s voice changing SIM card which can transform your speaking voice in real time.

Use your voice changing SIM card just as your regular SIM card and concentrate on your work or travels. The world is getting more global every day and our mission is to keep up with new emerging threats to our safety. That‘s why VipLine‘s number & voice changing SIM card is the key to your privacy.