How to Keep Your Caller Identity Safe?

how to keep your caller identity safe

When it comes to using your smartphone, there may be times where you want your calls, messages and data usage to be kept completely private and secure. Perhaps you’re worried about your calls being tracked to discover your location, or maybe you’re simply concerned that too many companies are using your smartphone usage for marketing purposes. Staying anonymous when using your smartphone is a need for many people, however, it’s becoming more and more difficult today to keep your communications private. It’s easier than ever for smartphones to be hacked into, allowing your private data to end up in the hands of somebody who shouldn’t have it. So, what is the solution?

If you send messages via data, such as using an app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Kik Messenger, then your communications are likely to already be encrypted. However, the encryption algorithm used for this is a very simplified one, which is easy for many hackers to crack into and read your private messages. Instead, using an encrypted SIM card to send your messages using these apps can be the best solution. Click here for more information on the VIPLINE SIM card, which uses military-grade, world-class A5/1 data encryption algorithms that are almost impossible to crack and will allow you to keep your data usage and messages completely anonymous and private.

Keep Your Calls off the Grid

When you make a call, simply withholding your number won’t make the cut today when it comes to achieving complete privacy and security. If somebody is serious about tracking your call, then they will still be able to use software to override the withheld number and find out who is calling and where from. Although you may be able to hide your number from the call recipient, simply withholding your number will not always stop others from invading your privacy. Instead, VIPLINE allows you to make calls through an extremely secure and private USSD calling channel, along with using a false number instead of your real one. Because of this, you won’t even need to worry about switching your calls to withhold when you call somebody who you don’t want to have your number, since the number that comes up in their call logs will be completely fake. In addition, using a fake number will also make your location untraceable.

Voice Substitution

Today, voice recognition software used on a tracked call can quickly reveal your identity simply by using one spoken word. If you want to keep your calls anonymous and protect your identity at the same time, then VIPLINE has the perfect solution for you. As soon as your call is connected, the VIPLINE servers will immediately substitute your voice, so that if anybody does manage to listen in, there’s no way of telling that it is you who is speaking.

Keep Your Personal Information Private

Although there are many ways to achieve tighter GSM security when using your smartphone, there’s the big problem of handing over your personal information to your network provider. Today, when you sign up for a smartphone or SIM only contract, you will be required to give the communications company a wealth of information about yourself in order to get the contract, such as your name, address, date of birth, and even your banking details. As an alternative, VIPLINE ensure that all your personal information is kept completely private, even from them! Since their SIM plans are completely pre-paid, there is no need to sign any contracts with them or hand over any information about yourself. Because VIPLINE do not hold any data on you, there’s no way that they could pass it on to somebody else, or risk your data being compromised should their systems be hacked into.

Most people prefer to keep their smartphones as private as possible! Use VIPLINE to secure your calls, protect your number, encrypt your data and keep your identity private.