How to Stop Identity Theft from Your Smartphone?

how to stop identity theft from your smartphone

When it comes to using your smartphone, there may be times where you want your calls, messages and data usage to be kept completely private and secure. Perhaps you’re worried about your calls being tracked to discover your location, or maybe you’re simply concerned that too many companies are using your smartphone usage for marketing purposes. Staying anonymous when using your smartphone is a need for many people, however, it’s becoming more and more difficult today to keep your communications private. It’s easier than ever for smartphones to be hacked into, allowing your private data to end up in the hands of somebody who shouldn’t have it. So, what is the solution?

Are you worried about having your identity stolen? Today, it’s easier than ever for hackers and identity thieves to steal the most personal thing about you. However, it’s not just losing your passport or answering phishing emails that can have your personal identity stolen from underneath you. Whilst you may think that your smartphone communications are private, it’s easier than you may realise for hackers and cybercriminals to compromise your calls, messages and data usage without you even realising it. So, how can you amp up your smartphone security and keep your identity truly private each time you use your phone for a call, message, or data use? VipLine has a top solution.

When you sign up for an anonymous SIM card from VipLine, you can enjoy total calling security, each time you make or receive a call. Using several different codes that can be entered into your phone before you make or take a call, you can keep your number completely private, adding an extra layer of security that isn’t available simply by setting your number as withheld before you make the call. When you use VVipLine, your number can be kept completely anonymous, and anybody who receives a call from you will be provided with a false number in their call logs. In addition, using a false number will also help to keep your location a secret, if you are worried about the call being traced.

Keep Your Voice Private

Today, if somebody is trying to discover your identity in order to steal it, they may be able to do so simply by listening to a call. All you need to do is simply speak one word for your identity to be revealed using voice recognition software. When you use VipLine, your voice will be substituted as soon as your call connects, meaning that your identity will never be revealed if somebody has hacked into your line and is listening to your calls. Due to this, voice recognition software will be rendered useless if anybody is trying to discover or steal your identity from listening in to your calls.

Keep Your Messages Private

If you are sending information about yourself to somebody using a messaging service such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, then you will want to be sure that the data you are sharing is kept as secure as possible. However, although these messaging apps do use encryption, it is a simplified algorithm that can be easy for anybody who knows how to to crack. On the other hand, VipLine uses military grade, world-class double data encryption with the A5/1 algorithm, that is far more difficult for even the most competent of hackers to get around. With this, you can have the peace of mind that any information you send about yourself using data messaging is not going to end up in the wrong hands.

No Data Required to Sign Up

Whilst communications companies today will do all that they can to keep the data that you share with them private, the fact that they hold your information alone can be a risk. If you have a traditional smartphone contract with a communications provider, the very fact that they have your personal data on file means that your identity could be compromised if their system were to be hacked and the data stolen. When you sign up for a traditional smartphone or SIM only contract, you must hand over personal data such as your name, address, data of birth and bank information to the network – all the things that make up your identity. In some cases, they may even require a copy of your identification, such as a passport or driving license, to be on file. When you use VipLine, you will never have to give them any information about yourself – they are committed to keeping your identity completely anonymous. Since their SIM cards are pre-pay, there’s no need to give your details out for a contract.

Keep your identity truly secure and anonymous with VipLine.